Today one of my dear crafting friends popped over for a long overdue catch up day, plus of course a spot of compulsory crafting !  Hillary was the hostess of my very first Stampin’ Up! Party over 7-years ago, following a talk I had been asked to do at the local village Art Group. 
Hilary showed me a few lovely pieces she had been working on and we chatted over various inking techniques. Fitting in very much with my March “Watercolour & Inks” technique class, we decided to create a few pieces, which are now ready to make up into sample cards for my class. It was lovely having a 2nd opinion to consult with and whilst one technique was made with an old Stampin’ Up! favourite, sadly retired, we decided on a lovely alternative for the class which is on my next order. 


Remember the handmade Business cards I’ve been making recently, well one small scrap of Watercolour paper wasn’t going to miss out so this was another special addition to my slowly growing collection. 
With lots of interest in this class, an additional date has been added so will now be held on Friday 18th and Saturday 19th March, 10am to 4pm, £30 including a lovely goody bag of Stampin’ Up! materials to complete projects and take home to create more.
Please pop back after 19th March for an update on the finished pieces.
Happy craftin’
Contact me on : 07806 616704
For all your Stampin’ Up! requirements and Special Offers, please visit : 

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