WOYWW #350 (What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday)

After a long day at work, I was looking forward to crafting this evening, here in my Studio, with some Stampin’ Up! demo friends. 


So look what’s been on my Workdesk this evening, joining in the crafting fun. Smudge posing for the camera again ……  


……..smelling the beautiful tulips Michelle brought for Mum ………
….. and in Mums scrap paper box on the craft tables …. you didn’t need any right now did you ?
…. OK, so Dad’s gone to bed, I’ll curl up for a little nap too and watch Jayne from the corner of my eye. 
Now the other girls have all gone, I’ve grabbed another Cuppa and trimming more Make & Take kits for tomorrow in our local Town Hall at an Artisan Craft Market. Take a look at yesterday’s post for the cute cards they’ll be making. 
If you fancy joining in and seeing what other people have on their work desks, pop over and take a look here http://stamping-ground.blogspot.co.uk.  I can’t join in every week but pop along whenever I can.  Being a late bod, it’s usually when everyone else is tucked up in bed.


Happy craftin’




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  1. Hi Sandra. Funny how your cat takes center stage! My pets do the same thing too; although they are the dog variety and don't get on the table!

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Kay (57)

  2. Isn't it always the way, the cat finds a box to curl up and sleep in. Mine love to do it in the boxes that have the very thing I need in it and then look up with those sweet eyes like, really you aren't thinking about moving me are you?? Love your tidy space and those flowers are so pretty! Thanks for the visit, Angie #48

  3. Your desk looks very tidy. Your cat seems to find it a great place to sleep lol. The Artisan market sounds like fun – hope you'll share some pictures.

    have a great week
    Sharon K #42

  4. Hi sandra, love it! Aren't cats amazing in how they always gravitate to a box, no matter how small it may be?He/she is beautiful. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #6 xxx

  5. Hi Sandra. Smudge is gorgeous. Been looking at your blog- how lucky to have a studio like that and be able to offer retreats as well. Love it. Anne x ,@17

  6. Oh, your cat is so lovely! And she found her place in the box to keep an eye to see what you´re doing. Could you please hand over one of those croissants to me…? ;p yum

    Happy WOYWW!
    Sussie nr 50

  7. Hey Sandy, your studio has got me wishing I still lived in the UK, so I could come and visit 🙂 Love that Smudge is on the table in the scrap box! LOL. That would be my cats if i had that kind of space. Cx #47

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