Welcome back and Happy Sunday to you all.
Yesterday, I promised to write a Tutorial measurements of the simple double-walled box I featured in yesterday’s Crafty Inklings Blog Hop.

You will need two pieces of A4 card, one for the box base and one for the lid.

1.  Cut the base to 24.5cm x 20cm.
2.  Score at 1.9 cm on all four sides, as it needs to be slightly under the next score line. 
3.  Score again at 4cm on all four sides. 
4.  Burnish all scored edges with a bone folder. 
5.  Snip out corners as shown in photo.
6.  Apply adhesive to the back of corner squares and tuck in to form a box base. 
7.  Once all four corners are built, gently test the outer edges fit inside the box, to create a double wall.  I like to test one then glue inside.  Next do the opposite side, then repeat on the two remaining opposite sides.

It might seem strange that the lid is smaller.  This is intentional as the sides will be scored smaller to allow for both coordinating colours to be seen. 

1.  Cut the lid to 22.8 x 18.3cm. 
2.  Score at 1.4 cm on all four sides, as it needs to be slightly under the next score line. 
3.  Score again at 3cm on all four sides. 
4.  Continue as above to complete lid. 


1.  Now simply decorate as you wish. 
2.  My ribbon was attached to the lid and decoration applied over the top. This was so it remain with the box and foes the drop on floor when recipient opens !

Happy craftin’


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