Today saw the start of our village two-week Teddy Festival, with over 60 bears of varying shapes and sizes, popping up all over the village. 

Having moved here just over 2-years ago, this is now our 3rd Festival and again joined in the spirit of the event. We were pleased to have been ‘donaTED’ a life size bear made from chicken wire and straw, by the previous property owners.

I’m always amazed at the amount of thought and creativity goes into the Bears and am looking forward to seeing this years entries round the village over the next few days. 

Craf’TED’ featured our bear wearing an apron, sitting at a craft table and surrounded by craft materials, with an empty Tombow adhesive in one hand and laminated pair of scissors in the other.

My Stampin’ Up! Baby Bear stamp set was photocopied for display, laminated and attached to a take-away box, before being taped to the table.  The grid sheet had pictures of various craft items printed, cut out, attached to Grid sheet, laminated and taped to the table with pencil, ruler and old catalogue in ziplock bag. 

My newsletters will also be placed out each day with a ‘please take one’ notice and taken in overnight.  

At today’s garage/yard sales, I had a friend from a  neighbouring hamlet sharing my front garden space, selling her wares and helping direct people indoors.  In my Studio, we were selling handmade cards and craft materials, all donated by myself and customers for sale in aid of Macmillan Cancer.

I met some lovely people and some great networking opportunities with visitors, to follow up on.

Happy craftin’


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